the power of coffee

I love coffee for so many reasons…

Today I have one more.

Did you know coffee hates prostate cancer as much as I do?

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Happy Hump Day

In honor of Wednesday, I just had to share this.





I went home this weekend.

What a great sentence… doesn’t everyone love going home?  Whether it’s at the end of the day to a quiet calm, or whether it’s at the end of the year to a wild flurry of family.  Home is where the heart is.  Home is where I hang my hat.  There’s no place like…

Yep, cliches.  But so true.

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notes from the boss, part 1

i am finnegan and it’s my turn to say something.

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happy world give day

Today is…

On Monday, I enjoyed a speech by the guy who started World Give Day. His name is Ethan Austin and he’s also the founder of GiveForward.com, a website that offers free fundraising pages for friends and family members of loved ones who are facing medical crises. What a great idea. Ethan mentioned how bizarre it is that as a society, we are quick to send a check or a gift when it’s someone’s birthday, or anniversary, or graduation. But what do we do when a crisis hits? No one really knows exactly how to help. Our intentions are always noble, but there’s no good system for sending support when it REALLY matters, right!?

Well, GiveForward fixes that. Ethan wants anyone who is facing a serious illness to be able to benefit from the generosity of friends, family members, coworkers, even strangers. So he created a hub for managing donations that can make a huge difference for someone facing a medical challenge.


So today, in honor of Ethan and World Give Day, I am giving $25 to Kamron Mains, a young boy on GiveForward fighting brain cancer in Florida.  Today is for Kamron!

Will you consider joining me for World Give Day?  You don’t have to give money. You can give ANYTHING!  Here are three ideas…

  1. GIVE AN ANGEL !! Join my Angel Endeavor. Give someone who is fighting cancer a friend, mentor, and support system by registering a cancer survivor as an Imerman Angel.
  2. GIVE A SMILE 🙂  Is your best friend having a crappy week? Is your partner exhausted from work?  Go give em a hug right now. Or better yet, make them laugh when you send them this video.
  3. GIVE A BUCK $$ Small donations can make huge impact. Support Imerman Angels or Kamron’s GiveForward page.

Thank you, thank you.  Happy World Give Day.  Go out and celebrate by participating.

Oh yeah – and Finnegan is busy writing his first entry. Stay tuned for “Notes From The Boss, Part 1″… coming later this week!




I’m back and it’s time to get busy!

After a week’s hiatus from DoGoodLiveWell, I am back in full force!

Business school is a crazy fun experience, but it can also be a TON OF WORK.  Last week was one of those weeks that just got away from me.  In fact, there were moments that reminded me a lot of marathon mile 22… the time in the race when you just close your eyes and say to yourself “keep going, don’t stop, you’re almost there.”  But I made it through – it didn’t kill me.  And looking back, it was actually a really productive and illuminating week.  Here are my three top takeaways from the last seven days:

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all hail Grete, queen of the 26.2!

I ran my first marathon on November 5, 2006.  It was my personal rebellion against cancer.

I had never been a runner before lacing up my shoes the first week of April, 2006.  My hair was still growing back and the incision from my chest to my pelvis was still healing.  But I was cancer free.  And I was ready to livestrong.  I decided that running 26 miles through the streets of New York City would be an appropriate way to really piss cancer off – reminding it that I was in charge of my life from that point on.

Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center (where I was treated) had its own marathon club – devoted to raising money for cancer research at the renowned institution.  Fred’s Team is a group of runners – some veterans, many newbies – brought together by a common commitment to facing the challenge of the marathon, all in the name of friends and loved ones who are facing the much greater challenge of cancer.  I signed up.  It was my turn to start giving back.

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